Bill Nilsson/Bison

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"Buffalo Bill" in California by Kenneth Olausson from Racing-sport magazine November 1968

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The story about Bill Nilssons prototype Bison from the Swedish magazine Allt om mc March 1979

Bill was very convinced about a new era for four strokers and built this bike in 1979.

And he was ahead of everyone else as usual!

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Lindstrom-mx very sadly have to announce that Bill has left us!

We will alvays remember you with many pleasant memories!

Ride in Paradise Bill!





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Congratulations Bill 80 year!

Thank you Magnus Klys, Birger Tommos and Göran Petersson

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 Bill who was Sweden's first individual World Champion of mx in 1957. Bill is also a very skilled motorcycle builder, during the years he has made himself many nice and fast bikes.

Here he is with his winning mx bike from 1957, an rebuilt road racing AJS 7R bike.

Here they are again some 40 years later.

Photo's Nisse Wedin


This is a 500cc fourstroker that Bill builth in the late seventhies with the HVA twostroke engine in "the bottom" and CCM/Weslake topend.

This was several years before HVA released their 510cc fourstroker in 1983.


article from MC nytt february 1979

Bison in a later version with Hedlund topend

photo's Nisse Wedin

Bill at Knutstorp

Another "Bison" is this Petite Metisse with Eso engine that Bill builth in 1964

Rolf Mårtensson posing with Bill's Bison

Next 3 Photo's Nisse Wedin

Bison or Billson from 1962

 from MC nytt

The same bike from year 2000 with another engine

Bill still got the OHC engine

This is Nisse Wedin's own Bison

I'ts a bike that Bill originally built for 1965 season

Here from 1965

Next 2 pic's Bill testing Hägglund bike for Swedish Army in 1973

25 Fantastic photos from Austrian GP Sittendorf 1958 - 1964

Many thanks to

Erwin Jelinek and Technisches Museum Wien for collecting over 20000 old MX photos!

Photo Erwin Jelinek


Bill and Gunnar Johansson unloading




Bill in front of Sten Lundin